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Hair Care & Skincare

Frenchie Paris Natural and Organic Coconut Oil Cream Hair Mask are ideal to help nourish your dry hair, help your hair grow faster, longer, and thicker.  Our Coconut Oil Hair Mask is also a detangler and smoothens your hair.  French Rose Pink Clay Mask is also one of our first beauty products.  This clay mask is so gentle yet effective in removing dirt, blackheads, whiteheads, and imperfections.  It gives you clean, flawless and smooth skin.

Frenchie Paris is a Lifestyle Brand and Custom Made Beauty, Health, Hair Care, Skin Care, and Fashion Brand specializing in natural and organic products.  Our Beauty, Hair Care, and Skin Care range help control extremely dry skin, flaky, scaly, itchy skin, psoriasis, eczema, sensitive, and problematic skin, dry, damaged, frizzy hair, hair loss, and thinning hair.  Frenchie Paris also offers natural everyday healthy drinks such as Skinny Coffee, and Skinny Tea to help you increase your metabolism, energy and help weight loss.

Frenchie Paris is a global retail brand that enables you to choose your own natural and organic beauty and skin care ingredients.  Our aim is to change the way you shop for beauty and skin care products by empowering you to choose your desired ingredients that are best suitable for your skin. Designed, formulated and tested by skin condition sufferers and our luxe babes that we truly understand the plight of those affected and offer safe natural products with no additives, harsh chemicals or animal testing. Our natural blend of Cocoa Butter, Oatmeal, Olive Oil and Avocado Creamy Body Butter is our signature product which is intended to safely alleviate the symptoms of dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

How & Where Do We Produce Or Manufacture Our Products?

Frenchie Paris Beauty, Haircare, and Skincare are a Natural, Vegan, and Certified Organic products for all skin types including people who are suffering from Dry Hair, Damaged Hair, Thinning Hair, Dry Skin, Psoriasis, Eczema, Extremely Dry Skin, Sensitive and Problematic Skin.  

All of our products are handcrafted with love in Auckland, New Zealand or Paris, France. We don’t mass produce our products, we produce in small batches daily, as we believe in high quality, freshness, and longer shelf life. Our products are formulated with passion and love with a combination of certified organic and natural ingredients in order to nourish your skin with all the great benefits that nature has to offer. We want your skin to feel healthy and to glow like Paris does at dusk and dawn (hence the name Frenchie Paris).

How Did It All Start?

“Walk with comfort and style.  Feed and nourish your body and skin by choosing your own custom made ingredients”

What Inspired The Creation Of Handcrafted Hair Care & Skincare?

The founder of Frenchie Paris was inspired during a trip to Paris, France, and Santorini, Greece while drinking coffee and tea, and relaxing when her extremely dry hair, dry and flaky scalp, damaged hair, thinning hair, dry, flaky and inflamed skin caused by chronic psoriasis (a debilitating skin disorder) flared up badly. She had been diagnosed with psoriasis 14 years earlier and had undergone many fruitless treatments including steroid creams and a variety of medicated pills.

Being stricken with the skin disorder in sunny Paris and Santorini, left her depressed and anxious, almost ruining the holiday with her husband. The Psoriasis would flare up with scales, inflammation, redness, and itchiness in the hot and sunny weather of Paris and Santorini. All she could do was continuously reapply her steroid creams all over her body while on the street exploring both cities. She felt embarrassed and self-conscious the whole time.

The experience culminated in her sitting at the stairs of Oia watching the sunset of Santorini glow against the many colorful pastel architectures and sitting by the River Seine in Paris watching the sunrise and sunset against the river, the bridges, and the Parisian architecture and crying.

In those moments, she resolved to help herself overcome this affliction.  This spark would eventually lead to her developing her own organic and natural beauty, hair care, and skin care products that would control her dry and flaky scalp, thinning hair, dry and flaky skin, Psoriasis, and sensitive skin. She would name her products Frenchie Paris (inspired by her many visits to Paris – a Lifestyle, Beauty, Hair Care, Health, Skincare, and Fashion Brand).

Frenchie Paris did not happen right away. She started researching and reviewing evidence-based articles on natural skin care products for Dry Skin, Psoriasis, and other skin conditions. She began experimenting with organic and natural raw products in an attempt to help her control her extremely Dry Skin and Psoriasis. She failed a few times in the first year of formulating her own ingredients.

Through a process of trial and error (with a healthy dose of experimentation), a year later, she finally discovered the right combination of ingredients which controlled Psoriasis, such as flaky and dry skin, inflammation and itchiness, damaged hair, and flaky scalp. From that moment on she became addicted to formulating her own skin care, hair care, and beauty products that are healthier and not harmful to the body. She continued using her own formulated products and started noticing a big difference in her Psoriasis. She started to help her friends and family that were also suffering from skin conditions with great success.

The results could not be ignored. She decided to share her proven approach many people around the world who face similar obstacles with their body. That’s when Frenchie Paris emerged, offering Vegan, Organic and Natural Body Baths, Moisturizing Creams, and Lotions for Dry Skin, Psoriasis, Eczema, Sensitive Skin, and Problematic Skin, Hair and Face Masks.

Frenchie Paris strives to offer the highest quality of organic and natural products to help improve and control your skin disorder and problematic skin, and we sincerely want to help you.

Disclaimer: Frenchie Paris Beauty, Health and Skin Care Natural and Organic do not claim to cure your Dry Skin, Psoriasis or any Skin Disorders.  Our products are designed to alleviate the symptoms and help control flakes, inflammation, irritated skin, redness, itchiness, and extremely dry skin for those suffering from Dry Skin, Psoriasis, Eczema, Sensitive and Problematic Skin.  Frenchie Paris’s products found within are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. Nothing on this website is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any physical or medical conditions. Results may vary from person to person. For maximum health and benefits, you should also have a healthy balanced diet and exercise.  Our products also provide healthy, smooth, and healthy glowing skin due to an abundance of healing ingredients, including vitamins, magnesium, minerals, proteins, extremely high omega fatty acids, and is a superior active moisturizer. These contents enable your skin to absorb moisture from the air, and as a result, your skin becomes softer and stays moisturized for longer. In addition, it has natural sunscreen properties, high in antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents.  As we all know that there is no cure for Psoriasis, Eczema and some if not most skin disorders, but by using the right natural and organic products it can tremendously help control your symptoms.  Also, by implementing a healthier diet and lifestyle can have a positive impact and improvement on your Psoriasis and any types of skin condition.

With Love,
Frenchie Paris Team